How Mitigates Risks Selling Furniture Online

How Mitigates Risks Selling Furniture Online

Apt2b x Tangiblee Case Study
Apt2b x Tangiblee Case Study

Selling furniture online is a risky business.  Shoppers can’t inspect products, take their own measurements, or make multiple trips to the stores. These challenges fall into the hands of the retailer to solve — it’s up to the product, UX, design, and marketing teams to emulate a real-world buying experience.

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There are a number of things that make the furniture buying journey more complex:

Despite these challenges, co-founders Alex Back and Mat Herman knew that online retail would be the future of selling furniture — in spite of all the potential risks. In 2010, the duo established Apt2B with the vision for an e-Commerce experience that reflected the needs of modern, technically savvy consumers.

“Focusing on a younger, more hip shopping audience, we wanted to make it easier to get everything they need when they move into their new place. Nobody has time to visit 20 big-box and mom-and-pop stores to furnish their living room or bedroom.”

The company began as a small, bootstrapped company – but by 2018, had grown into a nationally recognized (and distributed) brand with over 3,000 product SKUs in their furniture & home decor catalog.

“As we grew and our customer base grew, we knew that we needed more of an elevated look,” says Back. “We weren’t the cheapest option out there, but we offered exceptional value. Our design aesthetic reflects our product in that everything can mix and match within a given home or apartment, together, nicely.”

Enter Tangiblee

Having seen an interesting experience on a competitor’s website, fashionette approached Tangiblee wanting to learn more about the software solution.  More importantly, fashionette wanted to know if Tangiblee could actually address – quickly and effectively – the identified improvements in the customer experience.

“Tangiblee has an extremely low integration footprint."

Implemented in Days:

“We didn’t need to do too much coding, they [Tangiblee] were able to crawl our pages and scrape the images and dimension data to build the whole model [and experience]…” –Matt Kirton, Head of Shop Management

fashionette saw increased RPV with Tangiblee
Proving Value:

As for proving Tangiblee’s effectiveness, the only way to know for certain that the software service was addressing the identified improvements in the customer experience directly was by closely monitoring several core metrics. 

fashionette had a list of the KPIs that needed to be addressed and it was up to Tangiblee to prove its service was delivering that value according to these metrics:

In a date-driven organization like fashionette, Tangiblee had to deliver not just the KPIs, but also the kind of reporting that would identify what’s next.  fashionette wanted granular reporting and analytics built around their specific operational processes.

They needed Tangiblee to create a custom report that did more than just show how their customers were engaging with Tangiblee’s tool — fashionette wanted the data broken down to show a more granular attribution report.

Tangiblee dove in and quickly created a custom attribution report for fashionette, and still, Tangiblee was able to show significant lift to fashionette’s CVR & RPV despite the report’s complexity.

fashionette continues to meet monthly with Tangiblee to review custom & standard reports as well as collaborate on what can make the experience even better for its customers.

fashionette x Tangiblee partnership

The partnership between Tangiblee and fashionette started with a three-month trial period. To continue even having a conversation, fashionette needed to see that Tangiblee could add value — and quickly.  Matt Kirton complimented the Tangiblee team on collaboration & overall willingness and flexibility to provide the data the retailer needed.

"Because of the transparency from Tangiblee in their reporting, [we saw] a clear, positive revenue impact..."

What's Next:

The two companies are able to have open discussions about fashionette’s changing goals so Tangiblee can swiftly build the features to support them. From reporting dashboards to model sizing, they’ve collaborated on features that improve fashionette’s bottom line and widen Tangiblee’s offerings to other clients.

“One thing that continues to impress me is how quick Tangiblee are to respond to requests,” Kirton says.

Such transparency made Kirton and his team wonder if they could build on that trust with Tangiblee to work on creating new features and new ideas.

By quickly clearing the bar of increasing revenue, Tangiblee has been able to work with fashionette on solving more interesting questions. The teams meet monthly to review the KPIs and discuss analytics, looking for insight into what should be the next areas of growth. As fashionette has grown, so has its need – and Tangiblee is ready to grow and tackle those needs with fashionette.

"It's a partnership more than just a vendor relationship."