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Why Tangiblee?

Because improving a customer’s shopping experience is the biggest, most important challenge for online retailers. Tangiblee’s benefits extend beyond clarifying context and size – it creates a whole new dynamic for your products with which your customers can interact, compare, and better understand before purchasing. Better decisions = higher conversion rates, higher AOV, lower return and exchange rates, higher customer satisfaction, and higher repeat purchasers.

How much does Tangiblee cost?

Pricing depends on two key factors: SKU coverage and traffic served per month. Want to receive a ballpark estimate for your website? Click here.

How long will it take for my catalog to GO LIVE with Tangiblee – with signing up as Day 1?

Start to finish, with Day 1 at sign up, typical timeline is 10 days or less – regardless if your catalog has 10 SKUs or 10,000 SKUs. And, no, that’s not a typo. 10 days and Tangiblee is LIVE on your catalog.

How do I get in touch with someone at Tangiblee if I have questions?

Schedule a meeting for a demo of Tangiblee’s solution or email info@tangiblee.com for more information.

How much development work should I really expect with Tangiblee’s integration?

Integration timeline depends on how fast your development team can copy and paste one HTML <tag>  to your platform at setup – so less than an hour total. Everything else is handled by Tangiblee and requires ZERO maintenance from your dev team or agency.

Can you provide a demo of Tangiblee on my website before signing up?

Yes. Just send 3 SKUs to info@tangiblee.com that you would like to see Tangiblee mocked up on. An account manager will be in contact to schedule the presentation of these mockups.

Will Tangiblee slow down my website?

Never. Tangiblee will never slow down your website speed or efficiency because the solution is asynchronous and loads AFTER all elements and 3rd party services on your webpage have loaded.

Are there any other fees or up-front installation costs?

No. Your pricing – based on SKU coverage & monthly website traffic – includes setup, installation, and maintenance for the entire length contract from the day of sign-up. Your service cost will be clear and unchanging as stated in your service agreement.

Does Tangiblee work on Tablet? Mobile? Does that cost extra?

Tangiblee’s service is optimized to work via tablet, desktop, and mobile. These capabilities come standard with Tangiblee’s service and therefore your pricing will always include all three functionality.

Do you offer anything other than an Annual Contract?

Tangiblee provides an opt-out period during the initial phase of the annual contract.

I work with an eCommerce agency who handles my platform & tech needs so will integrating with Tangiblee create an issue with my agency?

Many current clients use eComm agencies to handle their online integration and technology needs – so it’s no problem. Tangiblee can work directly with you or, if preferred, can work with your agency. Whether it’s you or your agency, the level of effort remains the same for execution: add one . Of course, Tangiblee is always available to answer any questions for any teams or agency, as well.

Once I sign up, what kind of maintenance do I need to provide on my end?

None. Tangiblee will never require any maintenance from you as the team will continue to optimize the solution to adapt to your categories and website functionality.

What if I upload new products to my website every month – can Tangiblee service those new products?

Whether you add your products daily, weekly, or monthly, Tangiblee’s crawlers will automatically collect those new SKUs and service the new products – within 48hours of posting.

How do I know if Tangiblee’s product can work with my website’s existing content?

If the images work on your website, then Tangiblee can work with the images. Tangiblee’s technology collects the front-facing images and product data from your website (at least one measurement). Listing a brand new catalog? No problem – Tangiblee can easily work off an exportable CSV file, as well.

What if I frequently update my website with new products? Is there a portal or submission form to use in order to notify Tangiblee?

No portals. No submission forms. Tangiblee’s software collects daily feeds of your website listings. Any newly listed products trigger notifications to the service team who configure, test, and confirm new product specs. Total turnaround for Tangiblee to appear live on newly listed products is 48hours.

What exactly is Tangiblee – a service? Plug-in?

Tangiblee is software WITH a service. Tangiblee’s software creates an interactive, easy-to-understand catalog popup on every product page. It handles everything surrounding the popup including customization and choice of interactive elements according to YOUR brand and YOUR customers’ needs.

I have several 3rd party services on my website — will Tangiblee have any or cause any problems with my other valuable 3rd party services?

Tangiblee is asynchronous, loading after all other page elements and 3rd party services to avoid any potential disruption on your website. Tangiblee will never affect site load times.

What happens to my product images or pages if Tangiblee’s software has a problem? How will my website be affected?

In the unlikely event that any issues occur, Tangiblee’s fail-safe will prevent our CTA from firing on the Retailer’s website at all. Tangiblee will never interfere with your website’s performance nor interfere with any 3rd party performance.

Do you provide any additional Analytical Insights? Usage? ATC? Conversion?

Tangiblee shares consumer usage data with you on a recurring basis.

How do you populate the Compare to History Tab?

Tangiblee tracks the current session of your customer to populate the History Tab.