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Sell more items with fewer returns using Tangiblee.

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Choose Model Features that Show Wearability

Customers can adjust the models to match their body type and height. The comparison items help customers determine if the bag will function according to their needs and style.

Automatic, Ready-to-Go SKU Variation Support

Tangiblee automatically supports SKU variations such as color, sizing, and custom feature accoutrements.

Tangiblee Customizes UX To Match Your Brand

Tangiblee customizes the UX with font, color scheme, CTA additions, background theme, and more – keeping a consistent look while maintaining a streamlined journey to check-out for customers.

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Generating Positive Feedback for Our Clients

In May 2017, major fashion site Purseblog posted “Why Don’t More Shopping Sites Give Us Handbag Size Comparisons?” praising fashion retailer Rebecca Minkoff – and it’s partner Tangiblee – for giving online shoppers an experiential way to browse their products.

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