In-Store Shopping Experience For Your Website

Transform existing content into an engaging in-store experience.

Display Every Piece of Jewelry On a Model

Avoid costly photoshoots by displaying your pieces on human models. Pick the gender, skin color, body type, and body zoom location (wrist, ear, neck) and provide contextual clarity and relevance for online shoppers.

Compare New & Recently Viewed Items

Customers can easily and clearly compare previously viewed items as well as other complementary items simultaneously.

Tangiblee Customizes UX to Match Your Brand

Tangiblee collects your branding info and tailors the color scheme, model specs, zoom levels, comparison item list, CTA locations, and more, according to your branding preferences.

Show Personalized Jewelry In Context

Tangiblee automatically supports SKU color or size variations for products including personalized, “custom built” pieces. This allows customers to see their own “designed” jewelry pieces in context and in comparison to other catalog items.

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