Visualization Tools Build Confidence In MCM Worldwide Customers

Visualization Tools Build Confidence In MCM Worldwide Customers

MCM x Tangiblee Case Study in Visual Comparison
MCM x Tangiblee Partnership

MCM Worldwide is a truly global brand, selling luxury leather goods across 29 different country sites in eight languages.  MCM appeals to the Global Nomad generation, digital natives in search of the brand’s iconic logo — and offers an online shopping experience to match. 

Like many online retailers, MCM wanted an easy way for customers worldwide to visualize the dimensions of its bags, backpacks, and accessories — and what tech would fit inside.  In addition, MCM’s on-the-go customers needed a lightweight, seamless solution that wouldn’t slow down them or their mobile device. 

Tangiblee helped MCM increase conversion rate
Tangiblee helped MCM increase conversion rate m


Luxury e-commerce must create a shopping experience that’s as close to in-store as possible:  It needs to feel special, comprehensive, and inspirational in order to instill the confidence that converts shoppers into buyers. Customers want to invest in a high-end bag or accessory without the hassle of a return if the item doesn’t fit their daily lifestyle. 

“When you can’t go to a store, you have to give a customer tools and information to have the confidence to find the right thing,” reports an MCM Product Manager & Global Digital Program. 

And when COVID-19 lockdowns began in early 2020, like most retailers, most of MCM’s business dramatically shifted to its e-commerce store.  The luxury retailer already had a well-established online presence but the pandemic expedited and re-prioritized many key projects and initiatives to further bolster and stabilize the business around its e-Commerce store. 

That meant MCM needed to make sure every SKU in their digital catalog offered a similar experience to in-store and help consumers gain the same level of confidence.  MCM wanted to give its shoppers an easy, intuitive way to understand the relative size and overall fit of handbags or accessories.  Ideally, MCM wanted shoppers to be able to visually see themselves with a particular item or compare two similar items in the catalog. 

Thankfully, MCM was already using Tangiblee on every handbag & fashion accessory. 

Tangiblee x MCM on Desktop
MCM with Tangiblee Desktop Widget m

Enter Tangiblee

When online traffic soared amid the pandemic, MCM was ready to embrace it.  MCM and Tangiblee have worked together since 2018, so the custom-built, on-brand UX was in place to convert even more online shoppers. 

MCM was first drawn to Tangiblee’s ‘fun and functional’ customer experience.  Using the Tangiblee tool, customers can compare the size of a bag with popular products like an iPad, iPhone, or MacBook.  MCM’s tech-savvy shopper knows what pieces of portable tech they envision putting in their MCM bag — and Tangiblee gives them the confidence to see it in real-time. 

“We wanted a truly pragmatic tool that appealed to the Gen Z audience.”

Tangiblee lifts RPV for MCM
Tangiblee helps MCM lift RPV

Since adding Tangiblee to its product pages, MCM has increased the conversion rate by 201% and increased revenue per visitor by 204%.  

“[MCMWorldwide] sought out Tangiblee to give [MCM] customers confidence and give them a good customer experience, [and] if you are improving your customer experience, you are also going to improve your KPIs.”

Tangiblee’s capabilities have become part of MCM’s online DNA — inside and outside the company. During a recent redesign of the product pages, MCM’s e-commerce team noticed Tangiblee’s size comparison buttons were missing from some of the testing rounds.

Tangiblee wasn’t going anywhere, but “…every e-commerce manager messaged [that they were] concerned that the buttons for Tangiblee’s tool may not be there when the pages went live,” says a former MCM product manager.

MCM x Tangiblee on Mobile 1
Tangiblee x MCM on mobile 2
MCM x Tangiblee on mobile 1m

The relationship between MCM and Tangiblee has grown as they’ve tackled challenges together. “They’re very responsive and very open to collaborations,” Senaratne says. “When working on a new on-model feature, they were very happy to use designs that we came up with.”

Communication and flexibility are key in the fast-moving world of global luxury e-commerce. “[MCM teams] plan ahead three to six months at a time — even that timeframe can be too long, [and] we’re in constant conversation about how to improve.”

“Everyone internally knows and understands the benefit Tangiblee brings to our sales.”

Tangiblee helps build a customer experience that converts — and the easy-to-scale technology gives clients like MCM the confidence to keep innovating.

“[The MCM e-commerce team] is quite happy with the relationship and the performance of Tangiblee.”