Microsoft features Tangiblee in technology magazine Transform

In search of 2018’s game-changing retail technologies, Microsoft’s Transform digital magazine sent writer Bill Briggs to the prestigious retail-centric Innovation Lab at NRF’s Big Show in NYC – where he found Tangiblee’s co-founder, Eliad Inbar.

Step Inside Tangiblee's Digital Fitting Rooms

By Bill Briggs

Sharon whispered a birthday hint – diamond earrings. Her husband heard it, smiled and grabbed his phone. Eliad Inbar soon found, he thought, the perfect pair – small and elegant, just like Sharon.

The set barely arrived in time, a day before Sharon’s birthday. But when Inbar, 39, opened the box, he winced. The earrings were seven times larger than he intended. They had to go back.

He felt a pang of panic known to husbands everywhere then dashed to the store to buy a replacement gift.

“That kind of thing happens a lot with online shoppers. And it happens with all kinds of merchandise,” Inbar says. “There is a problem here. There is a gap. That’s what inspired us.”

Based on that bumpy experience and similar digital shopping fails, Inbar and his business partner, Yevgeniy Kuznetsov, co-founded Tangiblee. Their service, which lives on the websites of their retail partners, lets consumers see on their devices how jewelry, handbags, luggage, furniture and other products will fit their bodies or their homes.

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