Contextual Shopping
Catalog Comparison
Adjustable Models
Lifestyle Content

for handbags & accessories.

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Tangiblee helps jewelry retailers bring the in-store experience to their website - seamlessly.

Bring the in-store experience to your online store with a personalized, interactive UX.

An Inclusive Experience

Provide an inclusive customer experience that let’s every shopper adjust an interactive silhouette to see exactly how a bag will look on their body size.

Interactive Lifestyle Content

On-brand lifestyle content delivered across thousands of jewelry SKUs in days. 

Interactive Lifestyle Content

Deliver on-brand, lifestyle content for every handbag or accessory – automatically across your catalog.

Contextual Shopping

Offer an intuitive, visual experience that answers “what will fit in this bag?”

Catalog Comparison

Online shoppers can interact & visually compare multiple catalog items on the same page, at the same time.

"We've been impressed with the Tangiblee team and their platform since we started working with them..."
Jonathan Wall, Head of e-Commerce at ShopDirect
"...we have experienced increased engagement on product pages, lower bounce rates, & far fewer sizing related questions to our customer support. Tangiblee has delivered everything they promised & more!"
Daniel D. Serres, Director of Technology,
“Tangiblee implementation was straightforward and we're happy with it's ROI...”
Scott Arbeitman, Head of Digital,