Adjustable Models
Lifestyle Content
Multi-SKU UX
Contextual UX

for backpacks & luggage.

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Tangiblee helps luggage & backpack retailers deliver an in-store experience on their website.

Launch an interactive, personalized UX on thousands of items in just 10 days.

Adjustable Model View

Shoppers will return fewer pieces of luggages when they know exactly how big it is – relative to themselves.

Interactive Lifestyle Content

On-brand lifestyle content for every handbag & fashion accessory.

Contextual Shopping

Offer an intuitive, interactive shopping experience that shows the relative size & context of items.

Catalog Comparison

Customers can engage with multiple jewelry items at the same time – like ring stacking, charm stacking for bracelets, and more.

Travel Customizations

Offer shoppers the details they need before making an informed decision to purchase – like Carry-On specifications for luggage.

“It was a pretty quick decision for us because we haven't seen this feature before...”
Krissie Millan, SVP E-commerce & Digital Innovation, Rebecca Minkoff
“We’ve been impressed with the Tangiblee team and their platform since we started working with them…”
Jonathan Wall, eCommerce Group Director, ShopDirect Group
"[We] have experienced increased engagement on product pages, lower bounce rates, & far fewer sizing related questions to our customer support. Tangiblee is more than another service provider, they are a true partner in your online success!"
Daniel D. Serres, Director of Technology,
“Tangiblee implementation was straightforward, and we’re happy with its ROI!"
Scott Arbietman, Head of Digital,