Virtual Try-On
Multi-Product UX
Lifestyle Content
Contextual Shopping

for watches.

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Tangiblee helps watch brands deliver an in-store experience on their website.

Launch an interactive product experience on thousands of watch SKUs in 10 days.

Virtual Try-On

Web-based, markerless augmented reality that requires no mobile app & no 3D images.

Multi-Product Comparison

Customers can engage, compare, and interact with multiple watches at the same time.

Interactive Lifestyle Content

On-brand lifestyle content delivered automatically across thousands of watches -in days. 

Contextual Shopping

Offer an intuitive, interactive shopping experience that shows the relative size & context of any watch.

Tangiblee's interactive digital product experience for watches

Catalog Comparison

Online shoppers can interact & visually compare multiple catalog items on the same page, at the same time.

"Tangiblee plays a major role in our marketing. And, average sales have gone up while order returns have gone down."
Steve Mellows, eCommerce Director, F.Hinds Jewellers
“The integration & implementation process was very simple...About a quarter of our customers who see the Tangiblee widget are actually engaging with it..."
Charles Hachtmann, CMO,
"The process was very, very simple. We saw an 18% increase in the amount people were spending as a result of being able to compare the size."
Vipin Lalit, Head of Marketing, Titan