How a pair of earrings started a product page revolution.

It all started when Sharon whispered a birthday hint to her husband Eliad – she wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Being a tech geek, Eliad’s first instinct was to shop online rather than going to the mall. After checking out, Bluenile, and a dozen other online jewelry retailers, he chanced upon what he thought was the perfect pair- a pair of teardrops earrings nestled in gold – small and elegant just like Sharon. After a few clicks, he sat back and started to imagine the smile on Sharon’s face when she would open his gift.

But when they finally arrived on the doorstep, a day before Sharon’s birthday, Inbar experienced that pang of dread – known to anyone who has left the shopping to the absolute last minute. The earrings that arrived were seven times larger than what he had initially thought.  Oh, no.  Not only would he not get the big thank you he was anticipating, but now he had to deal with returning the ill-fit earrings and still find a replacement gift somewhere nearby as his trust in the entire online purchase process was tarnished.

Almost immediately, Eliad was eager to put his years of software engineering experience to the test; he knew there must be a better way for shoppers to digest the details of products seen on their mobile or laptop screen.  After all, the product page is where a decision to purchase is made for every shopper – but why were no online retailers’ were offering more contextual, easily digestible product information?  

Shopping online is risky for consumers – and that risk translates into lower margins for retailers’ who, in the end, pay the price for that uncertainty & less-than-ideal shopping experience.  Today, the eCommerce landscape is ripe with retail competition – and that competition requires retailers to soften their return policies, offer a tactile, unique user experience on their website, and give a shopper every detail possible to help sway them to click Add To Cart.

Insight into this kind of consumer behavior in a rapidly evolving eCommerce ecosystem is more important than ever. It is at this critical stage that Tangiblee co-founders Eliad Inbar and Yevgeniy Kuznetsov have identified a crucial sticking point in the online retail world – provide a practical, insightful product experience – one that offers visual, contextual interactions with products online. 

Since its conception in 2014, Tangiblee has since grown into a team of more than 20 employees, partnering with 60+ retailers across the globe, offering a full-service product experience that serves more than 40 million visitors per month.

As Tangiblee continues to grow, so does Eliad and his team’s knowledge and understanding of this ever-shifting retail industry.  While the technology world continues to innovate, the retail industry has finally just started to accept technology as an ally in the eCommerce world.  Not all technology is useful or good technology for retail, but when an entire thriving, growing company is founded solely to solve retail-centric problems, how could any retailer not take a second look? 

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