Tangiblee listed as one of the top tech innovators in retail by Insider Trends

Tangiblee listed as a top tech innovators in retail by Insider Trends

Listing Tangiblee as the #3 most innovative retail technology company, eCommerce technology publication, Insider Trends, highlights one of Tangiblee’s most distinctive yet often undervalued partnership benefits: the zero API, minimal integration requirement.  Unlike most of the eCommerce technology companies listed in the article, Tangiblee is among the few (if only) that boasts a non-intrusive, zero-risk service for online retailers.  Using existing content (i.e. product images, product dimensions, specifications, etc.) that is already in use on a retailer website, Tangiblee’s man-machine process requires no additional assets or invasive backend tunneling.  Their snippet can be added to any eCommerce platform and plays separately and asynchronously (thus, risk-free) with a retailer’s countless 3rd party add-ons.

While most of the eCommerce world is on the constant lookout for new, better, faster technology services, too often this sprint towards “best & coolest” comes as a steep cost – one that many online retailers don’t understand or foresee until it’s too late.  The cost to integrate, develop, test, & deploy is overshadowed as mere background noise with these technology partnerships -and it’s a mistake that continues to plague eCommerce channel leaders over and over again.  What’s worse is the fact that “cool” and “fast” technology rarely gets the desired fiscal results – which ultimately, is what a retailer is after in the first place.  What makes Tangiblee unique is the company’s ability to connect “effective” and “customer experiential” in the same, uncomplicated service offering.  

Tangiblee understands the delicate nature of the entire eCommerce experience both the consumer experience & decision-making side as well as the retailer data & metric-driven side.

Boasting an entirely branded & customized on-site, interactive experience on every SKU, for any size catalog, Tangiblee’s product experience delivers a rather remarkable offering that benefits both the consumer & retailer equally.  Even more remarkable is that the company actually discourages interactions with their retail clients’ development team(s) because ‘it is simply isn’t necessary when there is no code being obstructed or impacted on a retailers’ website.

Quickly, one starts to understand why Tangiblee is listed as a top company – even among some of the most advanced service providers in the market now.  With a results-oriented mission, it remains one of the only technology companies that actually delivers on both the front and back end for online retailers.

45 top retail innovations from NRF 2018 Innovation Lab

Cate Trotter

Among the highlights of this year’s NRF show was the Innovation Lab. A whos-who look at all of the top retail innovations and start-ups out there, the Lab was home to two exhibits on the latest and greatest in retail tech.

Retail 2020 showcased “technologies of the future” and how these are changing each part of the retail journey, while the Emerging Technology Showcase showed how cutting-edge tech can help retailers with hands-on demos.

We’ve rounded up our 45 favorite Innovation Lab exhibitors, from across the Retail 2020 and Emerging Technology Showcase exhibits, that show what the future of retail might look like.

#3. TANGIBLEE – By using in-depth data analytics, Tangiblee builds, manages and optimizes a retailer’s product pages to contextualize a consumer’s shopping experience. Working through the product content that already exists on the retailer’s site, the integration is seamless.

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