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How An Iconic Bag Brand Got A Handle On The Size Problem

The Sak x Tangiblee Case Study
Tangiblee x The Sak Case Study

For over 30 years, The Sak has consciously crafted high-quality leather and hand-crocheted bags inspired by the California lifestyle. The brand is beloved for slouchy silhouettes in myriad colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, including dozens of variants for the iconic 120 Hobo bag alone.

That means hundreds of signature SKUs for the customer to consider — and potentially return.

The Sak needed an easy way for customers to choose the right size bag in an online shopping experience that feels relaxed and thoughtful, like the brand itself.

Tangiblee lifted RPV and CRV for The Sak
The Sak x Tangiblee Increased RPV and CRV


Returns are an expensive problem in e-commerce. Around 30% of online purchases are returned, mostly for size reasons. Brands like The Sak provide dimensions for all their bags, backpacks, and accessories but customers may not understand what those measurements will look like on themselves. 

Seeing the bag on a model is helpful, but not an authentic experience for customers who aren’t 5-foot-10. If a customer misjudges the strap drop length, or if they feel the bag overwhelms their frame or is too small, they’ll send it back. 

In an effort to reduce returns, The Sak tried adding 3D and augmented reality buttons to the product images, with disappointing results. 

“We found that not a lot of customers were engaging with the [AR] tool,” says Jordan Katz, Director of Ecommerce at The Sak. “And the analytics we had after that were not so great. We didn’t know if it really increased conversion or not.”

On the retailer side, in order to even offer a 3D experience, the process required extensive product modeling; and on the customer side, there were significant technical limitations for a user with the body mapping technology needed for bags & backpacks.  In the end, the company found that 3D and AR weren’t worth it. 

But The Sak still needed a way for shoppers to picture themselves with their products.

Tangiblee x The Sak Silhouette on Desktop
Tangiblee x The Sak Silhouette on Desktop

Enter Tangiblee

The Sak noticed the Tangiblee sizing solution in use on other retailer sites and liked what they saw. Of particular interest were Tangiblee’s adjustable silhouettes, a customizable and interactive feature that lets shoppers quickly choose a model and change the height and body size to match their own — no body scans or CAD files necessary. 

With the Tangiblee, shoppers can move the bag around to see how it looks on the shoulder or carried in hand. They also can compare the size of the bag with everyday items that might go inside, like an iPhone, MacBook, sunglasses or water bottle.  In addition, shoppers can see The Sak bag alongside another one they may have in their collection or shopping cart. 

Tangiblee’s features give shoppers the confidence to make the right choice for their frame and lifestyle.

“Customers who feel better about their purchases reduce customer service contact and returns. It also creates better word of mouth,” Katz says.

The Sak also had an improved experience. Implementation was “much easier” than Katz expected. Tangiblee uses your existing images and product information, and matches your fonts and colors for a seamless on-brand look. The solution works with any tag manager or e-commerce platform, and Tangiblee provides comprehensive testing metrics, including KPIs around visitors who used Tangiblee versus those who didn’t. 

“Customer experience is key and this tool helps that drastically...”

Tangiblee Reduced Returns for The Sak
The Sak x Tangiblee Return Rate Reduced

The partnership between Tangiblee and The Sak began with a trial period during the most challenging time: Q4 2020 — holiday season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Sak was focused on reducing returns and the Tangiblee solution delivered. Right away, The Sak saw a return rate of 9%, much lower than average and especially during the holidays, when returns are even higher.

Customer revenue and conversion were both up 60% to 80%

The brand was also pleasantly surprised with the extra value it experienced with Tangiblee.

“We did not expect the better conversion and increase in revenue per customer that we saw,” Katz says.

Tangiblee x The Sak Mobile 2
Tangiblee x The Sak Mobile 1
Tangiblee x The Sak Mobile 2
Good Vibes

After such a successful trial, The Sak was confident in the Tangiblee solution and ready for a full rollout. Katz was particularly thrilled with the results and the level of service The Sak team received from the Tangiblee team. 

“Tangiblee has been great to work with — implementation was quick and painless — and we immediately saw benefits through primary KPIs that we were unable to affect as quickly in the past.”

"It's a partnership more than just a vendor relationship."