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Krissie Millan
SVP eCommerce & Digital Innovation
Kristen Gall
VP eCommerce

9.1% increase in Revenue Per Visitor, 9.0% lift in Conversion Rate

“It was a pretty quick decision for us because we haven’t seen anything of this feature before in the landscape…”

Krissie Millan
SVP eCommerce & Digital Innovation

2x increases in Average Order Value and Conversion Rate

“Tangiblee is a wonderful way for customers to visualize how our products will look in a real environment. Our customers are clearly more confident buying after interacting with Tangiblee’s tool.”

Kristen Gall
VP eCommerce

7.9% increase in Conversion Rate, 9.1% lift in Revenue Per Visitor

“The ROI of Tangiblee was 30x what we pay, so it’s been a no brainer to work with them. The investment goes far beyond what we’ve quantified initially.”

Shobhit Datta
Co-Founder & Marketing Director

27.4% increase in Revenue Per Visitor, 20.5% lift in Average Order Value

“We expected a lift of 1%, but we ended up with a lift of 27% with Tangiblee,”

Shmaya Krinsky
Chief Technical Officer

3.0% increase in Conversion Rate

“We saw a 7.1% uptick in revenue per visitor on products with Tangiblee.”

Vipin Lalit
Head of Marketing

18% lift in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) across all product categories

“The integration and implementation processes were very simple. About a quarter of our customers are engaging with Tangiblee.”

Charles Hachtmann

4.4% lift in Revenue per Visitor (RPV) across all platforms

“Tangiblee implementation was straightforward, and we’re happy with its ROI.”

Scott Arbietman
Head of Digital

10.3% lift in Revenue Per Visitor, 7.2% increase in Conversion Rate

“We’ve been impressed with the Tangiblee team and their platform since we started working with them.”

Jonathan Wall
eCommerce Group Director

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