Add One Line Of Code

& We Do The Rest

Focus on your core business, not the technology supporting it.

Tangiblee is Software With A Service

Tangiblee builds, manages, and optimizes the product technology using in-depth data analytics and expert industry insights, reporting directly to you. Most importantly, the technology will never risk performance or affect the functionalities on your website.

Integration As Simple As Copy & Paste

Add One Line Of Code

And that’ll be the only step you need to handle on your end.

Configuration Customized For You

Customized UX

Model Types

Comparison Items

Background Setting

A custom, branded experience built for your website.

Maintained & Optimized By Experts

Content Reporting

Active monitoring and reporting of product detail and image load errors.

Performance Reporting

Receive bi-weekly performance reports on product page behavior, usage, and impact stats.

Adaptive Updating

Technology that adapts automatically to changes made to your website.

Automatic SKU Additions

Automatic monitoring, processing, and updating for every new SKU added to your website.

No APIs, No Dashboards, No Upkeep.

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